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Corollary: Let be a topological space. Then is the Stone—Cech compactification of. But even without getting into such issues, Gelfand duality also has relatively concrete applications. Ideally we would want to be an element of and we would want the identification between and to be unitary, and it seems that we need to find an appropriate Borel measure on to say this. However, even without such a measure we still see that is diagonalizable in a suitable sense. If is finite-dimensional, then so is , and this is possible if and only if is finite with the discrete topology; call its points.

Note that must be the number of distinct eigenvalues of and the points may be identified with the set not multiset of eigenvalues of. Moreover, contains distinguished idempotents , the indicator functions of the points.

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These elements are self-adjoint idempotents in , so they must in fact be projections, and they are precisely the projections onto the eigenspaces of. So the spectral theorem provided by Gelfand duality really does recover the ordinary finite-dimensional spectral theorem. Another application is as follows. By Gelfand duality,. Now, the latter space is closed under composition by any continuous function , Hence if is any such function, we can define a continuous functional calculus which allows us to apply continuous functions to normal elements of and to get other elements of.

For example, we can define the absolute value not to be confused with the norm by taking the pointwise absolute value in. Thus if is self-adjoint then we can make sense of for any continuous. If is self-adjoint and has positive spectrum then we can make sense of, for example, and. As a more specific application although I do not think I need the full power of the continuous functional calculus to conclude this , recall that a one-parameter subgroup of a topological group is a continuous group homomorphism.

If is self-adjoint, then , thought of as a one-parameter family of elements of , is a one-parameter subgroup by the boundedness of , and taking adjoints shows that it is unitary. Conversely, if is a one-parameter subgroup of , then for sufficiently small , as a function on , will only take values in a ball of small radius around by norm-continuity.

On a sufficiently small such ball we can define a branch of the logarithm, and then is a one-parameter family of functions such that. Since is continuous in , it follows that for some , and by unitarity is self-adjoint. Posted in math. FA , physics. Reblogged this on Observer. Comments RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Home About Reading Recommendations. Annoying Precision "A good stock of examples, as large as possible, is indispensable for a thorough understanding of any concept, and when I want to learn something new, I make it my first job to build one. Feeds: Posts Comments. Definitions and examples A Banach algebra is a Banach space which is also an associative algebra with the same addition such that the multiplication satisfies and. Thinking of in terms of functions , the product is the convolution and so is called the convolution algebra of.

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Compact Hausdorff spaces For compact Hausdorff, the Banach algebras will be particularly important to keep in mind as examples in this post. Basic properties Banach algebras are an abstraction of closed subalgebras of the algebra of bounded operators on a Banach space in the same way that groups are an abstraction of subgroups of the symmetric group on a set. It follows that for we have hence that. Accordingly, we define the spectral radius. Ideals Proposition: Let be a Banach algebra and a left, right, two-sided ideal of.

Then: The closure of is also a left, right, two-sided ideal. Basic properties assuming the spectrum is non-empty The following is fundamental. For now, it it is more important to see what can be done with this result.

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Note that we make essential use of the axiom of choice here. A digression into quantum mechanics The non-emptiness of the spectrum, besides leading to the above results, also has the following corollary, which is apparently due to Wielandt. Indeed, these unitary groups are defined on by for position and up to normalization for momentum, both of which are defined everywhere on. The Gelfand representation Recall that for any commutative ring we can define a homomorphism where the product runs over all maximal ideals of and is the image of in.

Consequently is the spectral radius. Consequently the Gelfand representation is a weak contraction hence a morphism of Banach algebras. The kernel of the Gelfand representation is. It is also the set of elements of with spectral radius zero the quasi-nilpotent elements. Consequently the Gelfand representation is faithful if and only if is semiprimitive, if and only if has no nonzero quasi-nilpotents.

Explicitly, this is a map satisfying , , ,.

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  • That this is the inverse follows from the fact that for any element of a commutative complex -algebra we can write which is precisely an element of tensor the self-adjoint subalgebra of ; moreover, morphisms out of are uniquely and freely determined by what they do to self-adjoint elements by the above. We may think of the above as being essentially about the Galois theory of the Galois extension ; more generally, if is any Galois extension, then there is a functor and we may promote this to an equivalence of categories by attaching to the data of the action of the Galois group on the left factor; taking the -invariant subalgebra then gives the inverse functor.