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Her second effort has well been worth the wait. Fenris and Celia are such wonderfully dynamic characters and when added to the totally fresh setting the reader is in for a treat. You never know what to expect when you read Ms. This is one author I highly recommend. The mix of nefarious characters, mystery, intrigue, and deep, churning sexual attraction don't help either when you might be trying to get something else done. Well played, Ms. Schwab, well played. Even more reviews top. The man was walking the ramparts while unseeing eyes followed his progress. Time moved sluggishly for them, and emotions dripped into them slowly.

But through the years his despair had filled them, had saturated their very being. Now his desolation churned through them, grinding their hearts just as his. Water poured from the skies and shrouded the world in grey. Raindrops drummed on the fold-back roof of the old gig, wormed their way through the ancient material and dripped onto the hats of the three passengers. Wetness glinted on the back of the shaggy mare, and dye ran down her sides, leaving black oily puddles on the muddy country lane.

Huddled in one corner of the gig, her brother's elbow digging into her side as he handled the reins, Miss Celia Fussell wiped another errant raindrop off her cheek. Her sister-in-law's high-pitched complaints grated on her nerves. So quickly her sister-in-law had internalized the transition from Mr. Fussell to Hailstone. So quickly, so effortlessly Did I not tell you you had better stay at home? Now, of course, it is too late. But me dieu , what shall the people think? What indeed? Cissy ground her teeth.

Puffed-up pea-goose! A hearse had to be built, the little gig painted black and the horses dyed. Just so the funeral would be pompous enough for the Baron Hailstone. Cissy's hands clenched into fists. As if her father had ever been pompous. A shy, bookish man, he had forever preferred the library to the world outside.

A pompous funeral with ostrich feathers and mutes and shield bearers was the last thing he would have wanted. A funeral is no place for a woman. I, of course, have to be there. As the noveau baroness I have to inspire new confidence and hope in toutes les braves gens. Inwardly, Cissy sighed. A thin, pale creature with a thin, sharp nose and affected airs, Dorinda Miller, the Widow Miller's only daughter - but else of dubious parentage -, had snatched the baron's son three years ago, soon after she had returned home from a convent in France.

Allegedly from a convent in France. Her French was a disaster, her blond bouncing corkscrew curls the result of her skill with the curling tongs and probably with bleach, too. Irritated, Cissy wiped her finger over the tip of her nose, while her sister-in-law's whiney voice droned on and on, all the long, long way from the manor house to the village church.

With squelching sounds the wheels of the gig ploughed on through the mud, and the splash of the horse's hooves sprayed dirt on shoes and clothes. Slowly, steadily, the rain flattened the bundle of ostrich feathers between the mare's ears into a second unruly mane.


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The wind picked up and made Cissy shiver, a harsh reminder that the golden days of summer were long gone. In more ways than one. Apr 22, Marquise rated it liked it Shelves: fairy-tale-retellings , fantasy , anthologies , beauty-and-the-beast-theme.

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Feb 14, Kathy Kindle-aholic added it Shelves: anthology. This doesn't mean that I like all of the stories contained in the "special". However, I usually buy them because they have a story from a favorite author or series, or just one that I've wanted to try for a while, so the minimal investment is worth it. When I first heard of this collection, I wanted it because it had a short story set in Jeannie Lin's Gunpowder Chronicles series.

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I really liked Gunpowder Alchemy, can't wait for book 2, and I have a feeling that I'm going to be a completest where this series is concerned, so this collection was absolutely a must for me. It has an automaton creator, a beautiful courtesan with a lovely voice, and a mad ruler. It left me wanting more and really looking forward to Clockwork Samurai.

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As a bonus, I also had fun with some of the other stories. They are all quick reads and none required you to be caught up on any series. Nadia Lee's "A Happily Ever After of Her Own" had a modern woman with a talent for slipping into fairy tales on trial for messing up Beast's happy ending.

They then have to team up to set things right. Sela Carsen's "Runespell" had a man cursed to be a polar bear at night, an evil ex, and a historian mixed up in it all. The world in that story is one that I'll want to revisit. There were some that I didn't enjoy as much. I do like my HEAs, but that one was achieved a little too easily. I kind of liked "Snow's Salvation" by Cate Dean, but it felt too much like other stories I've read that try to twist Snow White into a badass. The others did not grab me at first, so I will try them again later.

Overall, though, at 99 cents, this collection was still a bargain. I would have easily paid that just for the Nightingale story, so everything else was a bonus. I also ended up adding some books to my to read list. THis is a hard one to rate, though, because the stories vary so much. The Nightingale story is easily a 4. Overall, the collection is between 3 and 4 stars. Once upon a time the world was sweeter than we knew. Everything was ours; how happy we were then, but then once upon a time never comes again.

I want to know what happens once Cinderella rides off with Prince Charming. We Once upon a time the world was sweeter than we knew. We all want a Fairy Godmother, you know how it goes. Once Upon A Fairy Tale tells the stories again — only not in the way we expect them. Here, Little Red Riding Hood wears the cloak because it really does hide those nasty stains from being married to a vampire. These twisted tales are a hoot, and such great fun to read. Once upon a Time, in a Kingdom that was just a little twisted… This oh-so-funny anthology is well worth a happy Sunday of tea and giggles!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own, and I really enjoyed it. Mar 27, April Symes rated it really liked it Shelves: , arc , arc-review. This is a book that has 11 different stories from different authors that cover Fairy Tale stories with many different takes on those stories. There is over pages of steamy, intriguing, modern day romantic fun. I enjoyed the novella type romances because I could read the short type romances and move on without getting into a long read.

Once upon a tangled tale

There are so many different types of genres to choose from for the Fairytale box set that I did like the option when choosing. This is a terrific value set pri This is a book that has 11 different stories from different authors that cover Fairy Tale stories with many different takes on those stories. You wont go wrong with this fabulously priced box set of modern day fairytales with twists. My Rating: 4. Dec 01, Natasha rated it liked it. This is a decent collection of tales.