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It did not seek any public or industry submissions, although Wilde said the NRC had sought expert input from consultants, who signed confidentiality agreements. The review — and what to do about the escalation of land clearing in NSW — will add to the tensions between the Liberals and Nationals over stewardship of the environment.

The Coalition partners are already at loggerheads over key policies including management of wild brumbies in national parks , water policy and calls by the Nationals to allow logging in the River Red Gum national park on the Murray. This was interpreted as a plan to further relax the rules for when farmers can clear without a permit — at least in this region.

Regional codes were foreshadowed in the Biodiversity Conservation Act and a pilot is being run near Walgett.

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But the secret NRC review is likely to bolster the arguments of the environment minister, Matt Kean, and the senior portfolio minister, Rob Stokes, who are known to be deeply concerned about the rapid escalation of land clearing and its impact on biodiversity. Sign up to receive the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning.

The most recent figures released by the Office of Environment and Heritage for — the first year of the new Act — show that land clearing for agriculture has jumped sharply to 27, hectares, triple the level in But even before the new laws came into force, farmers, particularly those in the north-west of the state, had begun extensive clearing operations to turn grazing country into cropping land for wheat, cotton, soya beans, chickpeas and lucerne. Local Land Services is responsible for advising farmers on whether they require a permit and assisting with best practice farming.

The Guardian has obtained letters under freedom of information laws between the then primary industries minister, Niall Blair, and the former environment minister, Gabrielle Upton, that were exchanged at the time she offered her concurrence to the new laws in August They refer to a review of the need for additional safeguards and concerns by the independent panel which advised on the new Act that it would lead to a loss of biodiversity in some regions. The environment groups were so concerned with the lack of protections under the new legislation that they walked out of the consultation process.

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Attention, city dwellers! We're asking for responses by Aug.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Attached to it were a series of photos -- a dimly lit parking garage, an underground bunker with Polish signage, and an empty subway station -- and a link to the formal proposal on a government website.

After all, these are the folks who brought us stealth weaponry, the M16 Assault Rifle, and military drones, as well as more every day advances like, say, the internet, the computer mouse, and Siri.