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A current interest concerns distilling the body of information in the decision sciences to provide practical and usable advice to help people making better decisions. That is also the motor for the workshop at the University of Bayreuth.

Keeney presents the concept of value focused decision making and how to use it. The intention of Prof. Keeney and Dr. Siebert is to help the participants of the workshop improving their act of individual and professional decision making. The workshop addressed students in the first instance. Guests were welcome and so several PhD students and a co-worker and me also took part. I got in contact with the theory of Value Focused Thinking some years ago.

Value-focused Thinking: Path to Creative Decisionmaking

That is why I got introduced to Prof. Keeney some years ago as we did a film interview with him in preparation of a public lecture on Value Focused Thinking in This time I got the opportunity to join the students workshop.

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Although I already did some life-changing decisions yet like staying at university after becoming a teacher, marrying, buying a house, persuading my parents to move to Bayreuth to have a better chance for looking after them … , I thought it would be a challenge and was sure that it will open me up new vistas. There are countless speeches on all subjects, highly topical and mostly for free.

You only have to join and get inspired.

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But this time I was scared a little bit, because I was aware, that I probably would be the oldest member of the course. Therefore, combining process analysis is of great significance for the decomposition of indicator value, especially for the decomposition of internal operational indicators. The instances of the main application areas are shown as below: [7]. Allocating the engineering budget for products and projects annually is always a challenge.

With value tree analysis aspects, such as strategic fit, which have no natural evaluation measure, but may have a significant role in decision-making can be included into the analysis. Furthermore, there is likelihood of communication being increased by explicit modelling of the relevant facts and a base for justified decisions is also provided. For instance, the analysis of new strategies for merchandising gasoline and other products through full-facility service stations.

For instance, organization of negotiations between several parties in order to identify compromise regulations for acid rain and identify the objectives of the regulations. For instance, organizing a debate about nuclear power, aiding the decision process, and studying value differences between the decision-makers. As value tree analysis is an approach that costs and computes little, it is one the best choices for time-sensitive variable selection in empirical pilot healthcare studies.


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Moreover, value tree analysis offers a well-structured and strategic process for decision-making so that pilot study and patient data constraints can be accounted for and value for study stakeholders can be maximized. Value tree analysis help creative and critical thinking and organize the thoughts in a logical way. Moreover, when a decision has come up, value tree analysis can also be a effective way to think about one's core goals and values. Afterwards, we can actively look for decision opportunities with the analysis done before.

The software tools of value tree analysis are shown in the picture below: [11].


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Main article: Decision analysis. Dicision Making. Retrieved 15 May Anderson, Barry Single Reef Press. Aug Yang shi kun. Bei jing: Zhong guo shi dai jing ji chu ban she. Includes bibliographical references and index. K They tell us how to solve decision problems.

A framework for values-focused and data-driven decision management for climate resilience | Commons

They do not tell us how to identify potential decision opportunities. They tell us how to analyze alternatives to choose the best one. They do not tell us how to create alternatives. They tell us how to evaluate alternatives given some quantitative objective function. They do not tell us how to articulate the qualitative objectives on which any appraisal of alternatives must rest. This book is different. It does what the others do not. Almost all of the literature on decisionmaking concerns what to do after the crucial activities of identifying the decision problem, creating alternatives, and specifying objectives.

But where do these decision problems, alternatives, and objectives come from? This book describes and illustrates the creative processes that you should follow to identify your decision problems, create alternatives, and articulate your objec- tives. These prescriptions are quite different from the way people typi- cally pursue these activities. Most people do not like problems, and since decisions are problems to most people, they typically do not create their own decision problems. Instead, decision problems are usually thrust upon them by others or by happenstance.

If your firm no longer needs your services, you have a decision problem. If consumers are not purchasing your product as expected, you have a decision problem. If you are diagnosed as having a serious illness, you have a decision problem. If hurricanes hit a popu- lated area, many decision problems arise. Once the decision problem is imposed from outside, the so-called solving begins.

Typically, the decisionmaker first focuses on alternatives, viii Preface until either an appropriate set of alternatives or one acceptable one is found, and only then begins to concentrate on objectives or criteria to evaluate the alternatives. I refer to this general problem-solving ap- proach as alternative10cused thinking.

Critical Thinking for Better Decision Making